Monday, June 1, 2009

In need of prayer

My Darling Mr. B. is in the Navy reserves (GO NAVY). He spent his last two week reserve time in El Salvador doing what he so slyly called “Force protection”, or as us regular folks would call it: looking into things to make sure it’s safe enough for a ship to dock there.

Usually he spends his time in Fallon Nevada doing Navy stuff (as I like to call it) but this trip was something all together different. He left Mr. B., I hope I don’t get a sun burn, I bet it will be really stinkin’ hot there and I hope I don’t get sick from the water (which he did by the way, FYI ice cubes are still water)and came back Mr. B. heart of even more gold, saddened by a third world country, kids are starving and neglected thank God for what we have.

While he was there he met a little boy named Nelson. The very first day we talked Mr. B. told me about Nelson and I could tell he was different, I could tell his heart would grow while being there. Let me just say that Mr. B.’s heart is already pretty large, he is a lover of most kids and animals. I knew he had fallen for this kid when he told me that because Nelson liked his hair he was giving him his gel. If you know Mr. B. at all you know he doesn’t give up his gel easily. Mr. B. likes to have good hair; he never has a bad hair day trust me.

He did lots of things while in El Salvador like watch an open heart surgery (amazing) but the one thing that will stay with him was watching children suffer from hunger, hurts and loneliness. Poverty is not something taken lightly when you’ve seen it first hand.

Nelson has a metal rod in his back from sever scoliosis and is having some serious complications, the rod has broken and he is in a lot of pain and there is just not anyone there who can help him (the Dr. he sees a few times a year is from Atlanta and travels on peace and medical missions to El Salvador). Mr. B.’s friend and fellow Navy-ite is buying a ticket for Nelson to come here and be seen by the Dr. who he normally sees. Because Nelson is in so much pain he just cannot wait any longer.

Mr. B will be picking Nelson up from the airport on Thursday evening bringing him home to spend the night with us and then back to Atlanta to the hospital Friday morning. Mr. B. was beaming with pride at the thought of seeing Nelson again and knowing that we will be able to help him (and give him more hair gel). We would like to be able to help Nelson through his recovery as well but since we are not a Spanish speaking family we may not be eligible to do so. We’re going to start learning now though!

I wrote this whole blog to ask you to please pray for sweet Nelson, he is 12 years old and has seen and lived through much more than a 12 year old should have too. He has had pain and is suffering because of his back problems. He and his family need prayers for pain relief, and peace during this hard time.

Mr. B. and I thank you for your prayers. Please tell anyone you meet to pray for Nelson Friday and whenever you think of him, he could us a lot of prayer. Couldn’t we all?


Brandi said...

Awe Ashley, Mr. B's a keeper. . . I will be praying for Nelson, and God Bless Mr. B.

wabisabigirl said...

That's so cool! We'll be praying for him!