Sunday, January 25, 2015

yeah, Im blogging...

It struck me hard yesterday- HARD that so many people cry out for help. Just think about it, your little children start by crying out to you from a young age. My little Kid5 cried out "MOMMA" just this morning when she hurt herself. Did I save her? Actually, no, I didn't. She's been told on numerous occasions to NOT stand in her chair and this morning that chair fell with her in it. Truth be told, I didn't "save" her because she leaped off last minute and she was crying out to me because she was embarrassed not hurt. I called to her and had her to come to me, we talked about it. She was fine. Her immediate cry reminded me of something.

Yesterday while I attended the funeral of someone who was dear to many, a passage from Habakkuk was read and it struck me hard.

" long Lord must I call for help, but you do not listen?....."

Gods reply

".... for I am going to do something in your days that you will not believe....."

Have you ever found yourself crying out to God and feeling unanswered? Oh my word, I have! I have felt this so many times... I have doubted my God and called and called on him to save me, to give me some reprieve from this messy life. Often I have felt like he hasn't answered me and I grew tired and weary and irritated.

Looking back I know now that he was calling me to him. He knew I was fine, he knew I created my own circumstances and he was calling me to GET UP and come to him.

I distinctly remember the night I GOT UP and went to him, the night I obeyed finally. My circumstances didn't get instantly better, I still had prices to pay for my behaviors but I felt a peace that I had never had before.

The funeral was for a good man with an addiction, I KNOW he GOT UP and went to Gods side so many times. He fell over and over and over. I believed God has a grace that surpasses our understanding.

Stop complaining, GET UP AND GO, you'll fall, but you have to start somewhere!