Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Birthday and beer....

The other day I was in the store behind someone who was buying beer and the cashier asked for ID. The lady buying beer said "surely you are kidding me?" In her defense, she was DEFINITELY old enough. She was irritated about getting her ID out and she kept saying "I have children who can buy alcohol- OF COURSE I am old enough..." So, I checked out, left the store, loaded the groceries into my car and as I was backing out it hit me... SO DO I!

My son can buy alcohol... which Im sure I don't have to tell you is a terrifying feeling to a parent. Kid1 has never been a kid who got into major trouble, he didn't drink in high school so it's never been a huge concern of mine UNTIL NOW... All I could picture in my head was him standing in line at the store with a grocery cart full of beer and I felt sick about it! 

Every year I am sad at the kids growing so fast and I reminisce about their younger days when they were innocent and this year I am panicking about beer.... HOW ABSURD! It's a definite possibility that I have finally lost my mind. 

Happy Birthday Beer boy... I love you 

P.S. Your STILL NOT ALLOWED to drink beer! 
- your mom

**edit- I do apologize for the trashiness of this post... I felt really weird about even saying the word "beer"*