Saturday, June 13, 2009

Destination #4

We are here... Roswell New Mexico.

We got in late yesterday afternoon.

I was tired SO TIRED.

I'm glad to be here and have lots of pictures to share.

Has anyone ever driven HWY380 from McKinney to Roswell? It's not the most beautiful drive let me assure you! Lets just say I have seen better.

All 6 kids were thrilled to be here and are enjoying their first day.

Kid1 and sweet Chad are skateboarding all over Roswell.
Kid2 is having time to herself lounging around my parents house.
Ki3 is having a tour of NMMI with my Dad.
Kid4 and I have been out to the zoo, the park and then a little playtime and McDonalds, sheis this minute trying to talk my Dad into taking her swimming.

I can't wait to post pictures! And catch up with everyone else's blog. 

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wabisabigirl said...

Have fun! I love how you drive all over the country doing things for/with your kids:) I'll be a nervous wreck when one of my kids goes to camp for the first time!!! Hope he has a great time!