Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Works for me Wednesday

We are joining WE ARE THAT FAMILY works for me Wednesday and showing what we do when Kid4 is getting restless and wanting a change in scenery. There is always lots to do, free museums, finger painting with paint AND shaving cream. There is always a walk to collect leaves to glue onto a paper plate wreath later, she loves to play in the hose and of course it’s always nice to make play dough!

Today I’m sharing with you the recipe I use to make play dough with Kid4. She loves to make a big soft steaming pile (that sentence could have gone real bad, real quick) of play dough to manipulate, mold and make into elephants and unicorns- what kid doesn’t love home made Play dough?

4 Cups of flour
1 Cup of salt
4 Cups of water
4 TBSP of oil
½ Cup cream of tartar

Mix all ingredients into a pot. Cook while stirring over low/med heat until play dough is a ball and no longer sticky. There will be sticky spots, but just keep the heat low and the keep stirring (you will have He-Man arms when your finished).

We break ours in half and use two different colors. I use wilton cake colors and it gets brighter as the dough is played with. Don’t worry- it doesn’t color your hands and it lasts for weeks in a Ziploc bag. I made my first batch a month ago and it’s still going strong!

If kid 4 needs a project we make play dough soup, play dough farms, play dough airplanes, play dough flowers… we just pull out the play dough and lots of fun stuff to cut it up with and she plays for an hour building and mashing!

Have fun!


Brandi said...

Cool! We will be making some of this - it's got to smell better than the store bought play dough!

Janis @ SneakPeek said...

Thanks for the recipe. I was looking for a homemade PlayDoh recipe -- just in case he tries to eat it. LOL.