Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm just saying, I don't like spiders... thats all!

fear |fi(ə)r|
an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat
spider |ˈspīdər|
an eight-legged predatory arachnid with an unsegmented bodyconsisting of a fused head and thorax and a rounded abdomen. Spiders have fangs that inject poison into their prey, and most kinds spin webs in which to capture insects. Order Araneae, classArachnida.
phobia |ˈfōbēə|
nounan extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something


Monday, August 30, 2010

here's an example...

Do you learn from others?

Do you encourage your kids to learn from others?

I often want to literally chain my kids to someone I see as a good example. Good examples are so few and far between now days that when I meet one who is my kids age I literally want to keep them. Some kids are perceived as “bad examples” when that’s not true at all, often teenagers are highly misunderstood. Often teens have to fall and learn on their own- that’s SO hard to witness. Why can’t they just look toward the good examples you have so STRONGLY pointed out to them… KIDS!

My darling Kid3, who is at NMMI for high school, is surrounded by the most amazing examples. Successful men and women who truly care about him encompass him. He is encircled with the most amazing examples of humans, and he doesn’t even realize it! I really want to go to him and tack his eyes open with thumbtacks and show him the astounding individuals around him. WHY oh why can’t we see what is right in front of us. Why can’t we take the gifts that are staring us in the face? I don’t think it’s just kids either.

Are you taking advantage of the gifts that are staring YOU in the face? Are you making notes from the extraordinary individuals that are with you daily?

DO IT for goodness sakes!

(Trust me, I struggle to take my own advice, I KNOW it's easier said than done!)

((if my son turns out half as amazing as Chad, he might just rule the world. Chad is the best example of a young man there is, and Im proud to know him))

Sunday, August 29, 2010



Saturday, August 28, 2010



trip ONE WAY- 1371 miles, 22 hours and 20 minutes.

I know your SHOCKED right....

since we NEVER travel and all!

It's just a little weekend trip.

YES, we know we're crazy.

Thank you.

The End

Friday, August 27, 2010

official summer pic

Every summer and winter I take a family pic of the kids together.
Im sad that as they get older this will be harder to do.
usually we just get up one day and say "todays the day" and pick a spot.
This year it was a little bitter sweet because this year we were trying to take it before we told Kid3 goodbye.....
I just kept putting it off.
Its just the last summer that all my kids are going to be home with me.
The last time all my babies were under 18.
This picture just meant that a lot of things were ending.
We waited till the very last minute and I took several
but this one was my favorite.
goodbye to some things....
hello to others.....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hold on tight kids! We're goin' for a ride!

After much ado about nothing...
This kid got his licence.
It's SO nice to have him driving.
He's really a very good driver.
He picks up Kid4 from school.
He takes himself and his sister to work and school.
He runs his OWN errands.
CONGRATS Kid1 I knew you'd pass the first time!
Welcome to the world of driving...
please don't torture me with bad driving choices!
PAH-lease be safe....
PLEASE wear your helmet and buckle up....
(just kidding! I don't make him wear a helmet...... as far as YOU know)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ALL DAY.... (written Saturday the 21'st, a very loud day)

Kid4 talked all day.

A L L D A Y .


I’m not exaggerating.

I remember when we were so excited for her to talk.

I remember when we were thrilled at her first word.

I remember when we were mesmerized by her every sound.

I love her little voice, I PROMISE, I do.


Today she talked all day.

A L L D A Y!

My ears hurt.

My brain hurts from listening.

I tried not to tell her to stop talking


A couple of times I found myself almost shouting


I couldn’t even list all the things she told me today


Incase you didn’t already know

The sun is just a big ball of fire


Aliens probably live on the moon


she wants to pet dolphins


she wants to see Big Time Rush in concert "SOOO BAAAAD"


she really wants a puppy names Rose


she really wants pink to be in the rainbow


she thinks it will be cold enough for her to wear her new coat monday


"EVERYONE" at school has light up shoes


she would like a monkey


she wishes she still had a TV in her room


she LOVES purple


she wishes she had a sister her age


she wants to have a fushigi ball "right now, so order it pah-lease"


she is having a party at school on Monday


she really wants to go to Hollywood


Hollywood has big buildings


she doesn't see why we can't go to Tennessee to see Hannah Montana


she thinks that maybe Hannah Montana moved to HOLLYWOOD


she would like to wear ONLY dresses











along with a thousand other things.

She talked ALL DAY.

The end.

(and it's ONLY "the end" because she is finally in bed!)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

back to school

I forgot to tell you all about the first day of school! Shame on me!

The kids did great… I’ll break it down for you.

Kid1 is just glad to be a Senior and happy that he only has to go to school till noon.

Kid2 loves school so she is never a problem. She gets to go till only 1.. Lucky girl.

Kid3 is well…. You already know about Kid3 and let me just say that he is struggling to love it and that’s all I’ll say about that.

Kid4 wants to be home with momma ALL the time. She DID however go without tears, but had a hard time. I walked her in the first week and now we’re back to dropping her at the door, it’s a clean break, easier for us both.

Me- well… I LOVE the quiet, I really really do, I also miss Kid4 a lot and well I’ll be perfectly honest when the kids come home early…. I’m not quite ready to see them.

And THAT my friends is my back to school update.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I just may very well screw this whole thing up!

A morning conversation with Kid4

Kid4- do you know we have a bird’s nest near parent pick up?

Me- Noooooo! How exciting!

Kid4- Yes AND I saw it AND it’s behind metal so I can’t touch it AND it’s soo pretty!

Me- WOW-ZA-ROO, that sounds great!

Kid4- but I think the (follow me here) BIRDSCREW up.

Me- OH! Kid4, I don’t think we should say THAT!

Kid4- REALLY? THAT’S a bad word?

Me- well not necessarily, but it’s not something that you should say in first grade and please don’t say it…. Ok?

Kid4- are you sure THAT’S a bad word?

Me- Honey, I didn’t say it was “bad”, I just said it’s not appropriate for a 6 year old to say.

Kid4- Mom, WHAT word are YOU talking about?

Me- the word “SCREWED”

Kid4- Mommy, I said, “grew up”……….. What does “screwed” mean and why can’t I say it?

Me- um…….. OK darling, have a good day at school

And I pushed her out the door…..

Wow…. Really? Do I need hearing aids?

Friday, August 20, 2010


Let me ask you a question. Are you a gambler? I’m not; I simply do not like to gamble, I’m boring that way. But let’s say you are a gambler…

Your casino of choice is the best for you. You found it years ago, you like the food, you can stay there too, you’ve gotten to know the staff, you have a favorite slot machine with a comfy chair and you even win every now and again. Your favorite casino is comfortable to you; it’s a place you go to leave home and feel relaxed, you meet your friends there year after year. You have been going to your favorite casino for a long time now.


There is a new casino across the street and you have watched, as people are going home, always winning. You decide to look into the new casino convincing yourself that there IS NO WAY you will switch from your comfy home away from home. When you do a little digging you discover that the new casino guarantees that you will win 85% of the time and your shocked. Your homey little sweet casino that you have enjoyed for years and years has only given you wins a few times… and you mostly go for the comfort factor, but it sure would be nice to take home money.


Switch casinos? Would you? Could you? Would you want to make that trek across the street to the new casino? Would you want to give up your room, the one that you ALWAYS stay in? Would you want to stop eating the same buffet that you always eat? (because lets face it, casino’s have buffets) What if your friends don’t switch? What if they don’t believe the statistics? Will you even like it there? What if they only serve sushi and have rude staff? What if you can’t find a good parking spot?


What if you did take the plunge? Would you be happy with change? Do you only stay at your old casino because the feeling of sameness is a comforting one? Do you care if you win or not?

That’s the question… that’s it…. Would you go somewhere else if you were guaranteed a win? Would you give up what was comforting to you just for success? Is it worth it?


That everyone would do the same thing. If we all made the same choices, the world would be a boring place.

Should we push our children to make better choices than we made? Should we push them out of their comfort zone so they can be better?

Being a parent sure is a gamble isn’t it?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

time, choices and clarity

Yesterday Mr. B. was faced with something he hasn’t been faced with before. He was highly judged for “sending his son away”. I’ll be honest, this person is a great father and seriously can’t fathom being away from his children and although I applaud him for that, I would also rather not be judged.

Here is my question; the question that Bat Girl and I discussed yesterday and I have put much thought into it.

If you KNEW what your future held would you prepare for it? If you knew you would go blind would you learn brail? If you knew you would go deaf would you learn sign language? If you knew you would die tomorrow would you mend your broken relationships? You can answer anyway you want but the answer is NO. You wouldn’t and I’ll tell you why. Every day we live with uncertainty, every day is just a gift given to us and really no one lives it to the fullest. You MIGHT go deaf tomorrow, how can we really know? I know you think you’d do everything in your power to prepare, but you wouldn’t. There’s simply no way that everyone can be prepared even if given the knowledge ahead of time.

Are we doing the “right” thing for Kid3? Who can know? How could I possibly know for sure? I don’t know the future and I don’t want to know it. The decision we made to send our baby, kid3 to boarding school was heart wrenching, but also the choice that we think is best for his future… I guess time will tell.

As the hands of time turn, our choices become clear.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

define your future

Do you believe your past defines you? I do, but I think it’s simpler than that. I think that people get to serious about the word define. The past affects you and here’s the bottom line in my eyes. Of course your past defines who you have become. You ask ANY abused child if being beaten didn’t define who they are. Go ahead and ask a child who grew up spoiled rotten, not wanting for a thing if having money helped to define them. The answer is simple; your past defines you.

Here’s the key; it’s what you do with it. The abused child can grow to be an abuser, or step up and be the parent they dreamed of having themselves. The rich kid can go on to always want more and more or realize life’s not about money and what you have, it’s about living life right, and loving others.

Do you ever look back and wish something were different? I do, I look back sometimes and when I’m kicking myself I try to remember that although my past defines me, looking forward, it’s what I do tomorrow that really matters.

Look forward, do something outstanding, be amazing, go on and define the rest of your lives because soon this day too will be your defining past.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy birthday baby boy, I miss you.

My Dear dear Kid3, my baby,

Happy Birthday to you. I can’t believe you’re 14. Last night, I looked at pictures of you just one year ago and it is completely unfathomable that you have grown so much. I showed your big sister and we laughed at your little boy face just one year ago and talked about how your body must have hurt this year from growing so much. I seriously think you grew a whole foot! Remember last year when I made you brownie hamburgers and sugar cookie fries?

Gosh I miss you. I’m counting down the days till I get to put my arms around you, until I get to see that gorgeous smile of yours and hear your laugh. I can’t wait to see you hug your sisters and see how you’ve grown.

Son, 14 years ago today, you were born and I distinctly remember every amazing detail. You were truly the sweetest baby I had ever met. From the minute you were born, you were patient and peaceful. You somehow knew that you were kid3 and made life so easy on us all.

I can’t think of one single word to describe to you just how much I love you or just how much I miss you. I have never missed anyone this much my boy. Some days I just want to hop in the car and run to you, some days I just want to call the school and tell them to send you here to me, to your momma. But…. Most days, I know this is best, I know this sacrifice is worth it. You’re worth every bit of it all. I hope you love it, I can’t wait to hear all about…. 10 more days. TEN MORE DAYS…. And I’ll wrap my arms around you.

Until then my sweet sweet 3rd child, I love you immensely, I love you more than you’ll probably ever know, I love you to the moon and back a million jillion times.

Happy 14th Birthday sweet boy.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Every year on August 16th I stop and remember my nephew. Every year on this day I remember that debilitating phone call, the sound in my mom’s voice when she said a car had hit him and they didn’t think he would make it. Every year on this day I can’t help but to literally be sick for my brother. August 16th is easily defined as one of the worst days of our lives.

My children’s little faces were unforgettable in the worst way; The shock in their voices, the limpness in their bodies, the sound of their sobbing and no way to help them. No way to reverse it. A pure loss with such finality is devastating.

Lately when I miss my Kid3 to the very core of my bones I remind myself that I CAN visit him, I CAN have him back if I want, I CAN talk to him, I WILL see him again. When August 16th comes around, I can’t help but to recall that fateful day, the day that changed us all, the day that broke us.

RIP Oni-boy, we miss you every single day.

I love you, Love Auntie

Saturday, August 14, 2010

are we there YET?

These outstanding offspring travelled nearly all the way across the country and back like champs! "Are we there yet" are words I hear quite often and I don't mind answering that question at all. No matter where we are in the drive, even if we have just left, I say "Yes, ALMOST"(then I make them play a car game)! I love to drive, I think there is nothing like it and many don't agree...

Heres the bottom line about driving, and trust me, Mr. B. and I have discussed this at length (he'd rather be a flyer)

bottom line= I wouldn't trade ONE SINGLE MINUTE (and I have experienced LOTS) spent in the car with my kids for anything in the whole world. The times we have had listening to books on tape, their childish chatter, giggling as they tell each other jokes, playing the ministers cat and other car games are irreplaceable memories to me. The sunsets and sunrises I have witnessed with my kids all nestled into the backseat together are memories I'll never forget. I remember exactally what their little slumbering faces looked like the morning we watched the sun rise over the Grand Canyon. I remember their giant eyes as we pulled up to window rock in New Mexico. I cherish every single minute I had threading needles for them so they could sew little aprons and pillows to pass the time. These rare moments (or not so rare if you travel like I do) are moments that can't be achieved any other way than being stuffed into a car like sardines moving down the highways towards our next adventure.

I love my traveling companions and truth be told I am sad that they are grown up, plugged in and stay home alone now. There is something to be said for nothing to do in the car but entertaining each other! Next chance you get try a good dose of "are we there yet" to reconnect with your kids. You won't regret it!

Friday, August 13, 2010

the view

This handsome (and somewhat moley (see yesterday's blog)) young man

now resides here, at an elite Military Academy.
This is his view to the left,
and to the right.
I miss you my boy.
You'll do great!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

holy MOLEY

Getting Kid3’s head shaved was full of mixed emotions for me. I was excited for him because this meant a rite of passage into NMMI, it was something every male cadet had done before him and a tradition they would surely continue. His long hair thrilled the barber, she was eager to get a hold of his long golden locks. She said, “I heard about you, I have been looking forward to THIS all day”. I felt like she was a little too enthusiastic, but she peeled his dome with outstanding respect! She took her time whittling away at his noggin, allowing his father and I to entertain each falling lock. With every pass of the shiny clippers my heart sank because this impending hair-do meant my baby was growing up and leaving home. I’d like to say “the end” right about now, I’d like to say that we all three shed a tear about the missing mane but the truth is; When the pea was pod-less I was horrified at Kid3’s head. I really wanted this moment to be only nostalgic, full of letting go and to be honest I couldn’t look away from the mole covered skull that belonged to my baby boy. Do you think we cried? No! We laughed and pointed instead. I know, I know! This is not one of my finer parenting moments, but it’s the truth and I’m all about validity folks!

My dear poor unsightly son, I sincerely hope your unattractive cranium sprouts something soon…. Or someone rushes you to a dermatologist for a mass molectomy. If not, for goodness sakes, go with a large hat!

P.S. dear readers, I am not giving you a close up for a REASON... (ewwwww!)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

cackling companions

These four superlative friends have been palling around since 3rd grade. They met and instantly fell in love. These chuckling chums have played every game possible together, enjoyed each other’s birthday parties and giggled all night at slumber parties. Two of them were convinced they were in love when they were youngsters and use to sneak notes and little gifts to each other (I have them in a box). Every time we visit Mt Perfect we try to get these snickering soul mates together and every time they howl with laughter over old memories and life stories.

These fun friends are etched into each other’s hearts for life and every time I see them run into each others arms my heart melts.

I love friends!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I wouldn't read this post, it's boring and Im tired and grouchy...

We had a trip- LET ME TELL YOU- it was a long drive. I know your probably laughing because you think I’m a drive-aholic and I am, but New Mexico twice this summer was a bit much for even me!

As you probably know, we took my sweet Kid3 to military school in New Mexico and as you probably can imagine I MISS HIM like crazy cakes! When I introduce him I always say: “this is Kid3, he’s MY baby”, and he truly is. He is my baby, but he is not really a momma’s boy, he’s just his own guy, he always has been. He’s cuddly, always wants people to laugh and an all around good kid.

I won’t lie, he is having a bit of a hard time adjusting to no XBOX, no TV, no SUGAR… and a routine bedtime, but I bet that when we go back after the initial 21 days to hug his neck he will be fine. Changes are always hard and this is a biggee! I truly know this is the right thing for my little baby boy.

(Don’t fret though, after the first 21 days they get to play XBOX, watch TV and eat sugar… they have big screen TV rooms with XBOX, they are allowed to leave campus with a buddy and go to the movies or to the mall, he’ll get to do regular things too) It’s truly a great place for kids and my dad would probably tell you that it’s great for adults too! He loves his job!

Anyway…. I’m tired and grouchy today. I need to sleep for about a week until I finally feel rested! And the first day of school is today… I usually dread the first day of school. Kid4 is excited, Kid1 is DREADING it and Kid2 is as always looking forward to school, she’s a school-aholic. Remind me to tell you a funny summer school story about Kid2 one of these days.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

We went to build a bear

I think I may have loved it more...

She chose the ICarly bear- are you shocked?
She named her Carly- I know- shocking!

building a bear is hard work.
you should try it sometime!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

my eleventh grade girl...

My girl is about to start 11th grade.
(against my advice, I want her to stay little tiny)
I remember exactly what she was wearing her very first day of preschool.
(I cried, she was running to get away from me)
I can just see her skipping off to Kindergarten.
(she was WAY more independent that I would have liked)
I can still picture her in her little pink tutu on her first day of ballet.
(again, I cried, she ran)
How did she grow so quickly?
Why have the years flown by?
There's no possible way that I have cherished every moment like I should have.
(she did the cutest things when she was little)
Theres no way that I didn't miss a thing.
Im going to try and keep my eyes peeled these last two years that I have her
and hopefully.....
(but doubtfully)
I won't miss anything else!
I love you sweet girl.
(to the moon and back)
You're the best!
(and I mean it)

Friday, August 6, 2010

a serious MESS

Does your car ever look like this when your traveling?
There is no rhyme or reason for the things in this pile...

I mean.... WOW, my car is a serious mess! Between the drinks, the toys, the paper, the markers, the blankets.... I can't even tell you how gross it is!
I was driving in town today and I saw my kids walking downtown (they were walking to the alien museum) so I pulled over to offer them a ride but guess what....? They couldn't even fit in the car without shoveling junk out of the way....
Do you think if I leave it unlocked someone would kindly come clean it out for me? I don't even care if they take it ALL, I just want to have room to move...

How about we say a little prayer that Mr. B. who is normally a clean freak will realize soon that this truck is beyond nasty and clean it before we head home.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy birthday first baby

My Dearest Kid1,

What can I even say after all these years, I never thought it was possible for you to turn 18 years old. The very first second I saw you in all your blue glory I was smitten by your little tiny-ness and I never pictured you being a very grown up man and this day and mostly even yesterday you are.

I know this growing up can be so hard and I know it’s mostly not a lot of fun but I promise you if you work hard it will all be worth it.

I’ve watched you more lately than usual and I wish there was a magic wand that I could use to take all these stresses from you that come with getting older. Please trust me when I tell you that life is really simple even though I know it doesn’t feel like it is right now.

My little boy, you’ll always be my first baby, the one who made me a mother and one of the most important people in my life, I adore you, I always have. Keep your chin up darling boy and remember I love you no matter how big you get!

Happy Birthday


Your mom

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Goodbye my boy.
Goodbye my 3rd baby.
You will never know how proud I am of you.
You will never know how hard it is to tell you goodbye.
This gift, the gift of education, belonging, and being part of a bigger picture
will change your life.
Your already amazing.
Good luck my son.
I love you.

traveling stories

We are having such a lovely time traveling along here and there and everywhere... ( I wont lie though, we are a little tired of driving)
We've been to Texas to visit friends and had a wonderful time with Linda's family.
We got to see Mr. B.'s sister, niece, dad and his wife. We had a GREAT time! We always love visiting with Mr. B.'s sister and our lovely niece!

We're in New Mexico now with my parents about to drop my little tiny baby boy (kid3) at boarding school......

Will I make be able to do it?

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss himI'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him, I'll miss him

my literal and apparently challenged brain!

I had a funny.... errrr... strange.... possibly even stupid thing (on my part) happen to me at school this week. There is a bit of a ... ummm... let's call it a language barrier between me and most humans.... Im not the sharpest listener, but I really try.

First let me just say that I DID NOT grow up in the south so a thick Georgia accent is a little lets call it... tricky... for me.

Tuesday night at school my teacher was lecturing and writing important notes that we should copy on the board. While writing she said "Mark an os-ter-ich next to these important points, they WILL be on the test".

You can imagine my confusion... I stopped, which also stopped my thinking because I can't draw an os-ter-ich next to anything and listen at the same time, Im lucky to be able to breath and listen at the same time. This is how my thought process went;

an "os-ter-ich"?
is an ostrich like a mascot for old people (Im taking gerontology) and I didn't know about it?
will she grade me on the picture?
WHY wouldn't it be a dove?
a dove would be so much easier to draw....

So there I sat, sketching out the long legs of an ostrich adding a tall feathery body and what ostrich would be complete without a looooong neck... at this point I'm feeling a little stressed because there is no way I can possibly DRAW an ostrich AND take all these notes... So I look up at the board and guess what my teacher is marking next to her very important points? Let's just say that her "os-ter-ich" looked a little different than mine. Her's was a lot more like this-

* Insert important point here

Um. Yeah. Duh.

apparently it's a good thing I'm going to college!

Monday, August 2, 2010

goodbye summer.... lets do this again, real soon!

remember making these when you were a little kid?

I have been looking through my pictures a lot lately wondering where the summer went, it's almost gone and it seems like I just picked them up on their last day of school. This summer flew by and we did so many amazing things. I have always loved summer with my kids and this summer was no exception!

We had a few bumps and bruises along the way this summer with scheduling conflicts and me running kids here and there but all in all this was a very productive summer.

Although it's HOT HOT HOT here I am not looking forward to the summer coming to an end for many reasons. The end of summer here means Kid3 will be gone, our long summer late nights will be over and we'll be up to greet the sun starting on August 9th.

Goodbye sweet summer, we'll miss your long sunny hot days, but we'll look forward to meeting you again next year. Same time, same place!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Linda, Linda

Linda, Linda
bo binda,
banana fana fo finda,
fee fi mo minda
Thank you a million times for all you do for me!
I love you!