Thursday, June 25, 2009

silly summer schedule is slowly sucking my seconds away from me

What are your summer days like? Are they busy, lazy, crazy?

Mine can be frantic like you read about last week when I was busy visiting my mom and dad, alien hunting, zipping around the zoo, chasing after Sweet Chad and Kid1 on their skateboards.

Some days like today, I stick a roast in the oven, do vacation laundry all day even though I did laundry at my moms every other day we still had a days worth left…! I also went couch shopping with Bat Girl and found a couch we loved, bought it and brought it home. I also went swimming with the kids and had peach cake with our best friends. Some days I decorate all day, or sit and read blogs, like when Harper was born, I was a nervous wreck and I spent more time than I care to admit checking on her- I almost called the hospital myself to check on Kelly- I was sick with worry. I prayed all night seriously.

My today looks a lot like this-

Getting up early (830) to make breakfast sandwiches for the kids who will be joining me at the free summer movies in Warner Robins.

Heading out to the movie at 920 to get there in time to get a good seat and deciding between the Tale of despereaux and Mall cop. (I’m rooting for the mouse movie) We’ll watch the movie and I will enjoy the kids that join me- of course Kid4 will come- it’s really a summer activity for her.

After the movie I’m going home and making lunch, today we had hot ham and cheese with cantaloupe- YUM! I will put the spaghetti and meatballs in the oven to simmer till they are ready to be devoured by my hungry crew at dinner.

Then off to take the kids to be delivered to different spots. Kid1 and Kid3 are going to different friend’s houses to spend the afternoon. Kid2 and Kid4 are going with me to David’s bridal where Kid2 will have her final fitting for her bridesmaids dress for our darling Big Girls wedding in August. The girls and I will probably have lunch together and a little girl time.

Home again, home again for a swim at Bat Girl to cool off from the heat of the sweltering day and then I’ll probably start bread for dinner and check email and take a breathe for a minute until… dinner time. Then I’ll serve dinner, start dessert, and probably have another swim while Kid1 does the dishes (oh wait he’s still out). They will sit in the sink… I’m too tired!
Somwehere in there Mr. B. will come home from work, play with Kid4, pick up the boys and eat dinner.

More than likely we'll hang out with Bat Girl and the Shadow, swim and laugh until we’re too tired to hold our heads up, take everyone home, pick up the house, get showeres and CRASH.

Friday will be much quieter I hope!

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