Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a bike a monkey and a wig walk into a bar...

me- Sweet girl did you know that your birthday is coming soon?

her- yes!

me- is there anything special you want for your birthday?

her- YES! I want a bike, a monkey and a wig!

me- (laughing) oh!... ok.... it can't be a real monkey, we can't have a real monkey. How about a stuffed animal monkey?

her- Not a real one? not even a little tiny one like a baby?

me- nope, not a real one.

her- okay, a stuffed one and don't forget a WIG too!

Ah, the simple minds of a 4 *almost 5* year old!

Isn't 4 great? 5 will be even better! I love this kid, she's the light of my life!

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