Wednesday, June 24, 2009

weekly menu's for a busy family

What does your weekly menu look like? Do you make a weekly menu, a monthly one? I try too, I don’t always, I try to though. I think it’s the best way to plan out the week and I LOVE to cook and plan meals. If I had a ton of extra money I’d buy the best ingredients and cook until everyone around me was as big as a whale!

My week’s meals often look like this:

Pastor Ryan’s Mexican lasagna
Garlic bread (Texas toast at Wal Mart)
Apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Tator-tot casserole
Green beans
Yeast raised rolls from the Duggar family recipes
PW’s chocolate cake

PW’s brisket
Orange glazed carrots
Yeast raised biscuits
Leftover chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream

Nachos with leftover brisket meat
Chocolate chip cookies

Bruschetta, turkey and cream cheese bagels
Sun chips with hummus
Leftover cookies

Taco Salad

Smoked pork butt
Roasted roma tomatoes’
Pastor Ryan’s bread
Peach cake (Paula Deens cookbook)

That’s an idea of a normal week for us. If we’re having a busy week I might plan for French bread, or breakfast burritos, I might plan something easy like spaghetti or ham sandwiches. If I have a lot of time on my hands I might plan something I have never tried before like Ryan’s Carbonarra… I tried it though and it’s to die for!

I use LOTS of recipes from online; I have books and books of recipes too. I read them like stories, I love to read a good cook book. I have my old trusty favorites but try The Pioneer Woman’s recipes, seriously they are fool proof and delicious! I love the Duggar family recipes too, they are easy to make and simple ingredients.

Yes, I make a dessert almost every night. I know, I know... I probably shouldn't but I love to bake, I love the memories the kids and I are making by sitting around making desserts, and how they are excited to see whats following dinner, it's like a surprise each night. I love it, I doubt I will ever change. If you want dessert come on over!


Brandi said...

Um, can I come for dinner?! I don't really plan a menu . . . I should. I usually have a general idea of what we'll have for the week. We have tacos at least once a week because the kids love them.

Brandi said...

BTW, the boys LOVED the alien pictures. That was so funny!!!

wabisabigirl said...

YUM! You should have posted a picture of your cute menu board! We wanted to stay until at least Thursday:) Wish we lived next door and I'd be over every night:)

Kari Lynette said...

Sis -- surely you wouldn't mind if I plagerize your menu and use it for my home, do you? I promise not to use if forbetim (i.e., pork butt......) LOL!!

I love you to pieces and I have been missing your blog, but most importantly I miss you and the family. That was the most amazing night I have had, EVER - truly. Well with the exception of bringing Kelsey home from the hospital and cuddling with her.

Ashley said...

okay everybody- I will cook dinner AND dessert for everyone!

And Kari of course you can use my menu! If you come here though I will cook it all for you!