Friday, June 26, 2009

sink or swim friends, sink or swim...

How did your kids learn how to swim? How did you learn how to swim?

Did someone throw you in a lake until it was perish or swim? Did someone gingerly teach you day by day working so sweetly with your fear of drowning? Did you all by your brave self get in that water and work till you figured it out?

I don’t even remember actually learning, I just know that I spent many many hours and summers in Elk Lake at our family cabin getting deeper and deeper until one day I must have been good enough to swim… errrrr…. dog paddle. I don’t consider myself a swimmer really, I consider myself able to hold my head above water and thrash my arms and legs around enough so I don’t drown.

I lived in Hawaii for 11 years and when you have a boogie board or windsurf board strapped to you there is no need to swim so I did not officially learn to swim at a certain time in my life.

2 years ago I put Kid4 in swimming lessons and the teacher wanted me to dunk her over and over whether she was screaming or not and I was sick about it. She assured me that it was the best thing. By the end of the lessons, Kid4 was not only NOT swimming she was also scared of the pool all over again. If it’s sink or swim she would rather sink!

Here she is “swimming”, we have let her play *hold the dunking* in Bat Girls pool everyday sometimes 3 to 4 times a day and she believed in herself enough to venture out alone. She amazed us today as usual. The proud Mr. B. called me to rush right over with the video camera and get this new adventure on video.

Congrats Big girl, another big day to celebrate!

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Brandi said...

Very cool! I am not a good swimmer. I think I dog paddle too. Bubba just learned to swim while the cousins were here and I am soooo glad! ;-) Way to go Kid4!!!