Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the road home is suppose to always be shorter... THIS was a very long trip!

The girls loving up on each other.

Here they are about to make the big dog pile into the car

YES! that is one extra kid you see! Kid2's lovable friend T joined for a night in Mt Perfect! They laughed and cackled till 2 am.
Darling niece all the kids and sweet Chad in Dallas having dinner with family.

Here we are heading out for the 1st leg of the trip to Mt. Perfect.

The proud NMMI summer leadership camp graduate

Here we are saying our goodbyes to my family.

I’ve got my baby back, baby back, baby back….. (from camp- oooooooh I missed that little boy)

We are settling in the car today and heading back to Mt. Perfect to say goodbye to sweet Chad, this time probably for a long time! I think his mom won’t let us keep him because he’s such a sweetie, totally understandable!

We are piling in the car and going to listen to camp stories from Kid 3 the whole day. I can’t wait to hear about the ropes course, Carlsbad caverns, The Goddard museum, his new friends and all the wonderful he did this week.

Our day is- Kid3’s graduation from leadership camp at 10am, heading out as soon as it’s over, (we’re pretty much all packed), one picture of everyone by the car or on the campus, shove in the car, ride till we meet Pa-paw Mr. B.s sister and our darling niece for dinner in Dallas late tonight, then some lovin’ from pa-paw and then on to Mt. Perfect to spend the night and rest our bones. Sunday we are waking up and meeting friends for breakfast and then headed home.

Let’s do a kid AND bag check

Kid1, Kid2, Kid3, Kid4 and Sweet Chad – CHECK
At least 2 bags for everyone including Xbox, rock band and things we have collected while we travelled- CHECK
1 cute tall wicker dresser, 1 cute short wicker dresser, 1 medium cute wicker dresser and 2 cute wicker nightstands- CHECK
1 Kramer poster (from Seinfeld) for the boys room- CHECK
2 1940’s snack sets that I collect my mom got for me- CHECH
All our blankets and 2 sleeping bags- CHECK
2 diaper bags, even though she doesn’t wear diapers anymore and one rubber maid bin full of toys that Kid4 didn’t even look at- CHECK
2 skateboards- CHECK
And everything else imaginable- CHECK!

We’re off.


Kari Lynette said...

SPEAKING OF BAG CHECKS.............. do you mind looking around the house, in the SUV, in Lauren's bathroom, etc..... for Kelsey's Cheer Athletics make-up bag. It has her cheer makeup in in and several other things...............Lord only knows what all. I think it is black and maybe square in shape.

Thank you. I love YOU!!!

Ashley said...

Kari- no prob, we will look tomorrow.