Sunday, June 28, 2009

Road advice

Dear me,
I would like you to think back on these few items and remember this advise when you plan your next trip.

1. Dress Kid4 in something printed. Light pink dress+ chocolate soy milk at breakfast + BBQ sauce for lunch = disaster!

2. When packing road trip clothes in one overnight bag so you don’t have to dig in your actual bag before your arrival, pack at least 1 nice outfit. 3 days on the road+a Dr’s appointment+ a breakfast with father in law+ only yoga pants and tee shirts= disaster!

3. check headphones BEFORE you leave. Non working headphones + new movies+3 days on the road + stop at Wal Mart for new headphones= disaster!

4. Remember to band the cell phone chargers with separate rubber bands when travelling. Five cell phones + home and car chargers + glove box =BIG KNOT (disaster)

5. remember to wear flip flops while driving. Tennis shoes + socks + taking shoes off tired feet + stopping at gas stations in a hurry to get anywhere = disaster

And I saved the best advice for last
**drum roll please**

next time FLY!

1 comment:

Dot said...

You make me laugh! I've really missed reading your blog while I was so busy. You have some great ideas there, but if you had flown you would never have discovered those tips that may help the rest of the blogging world. LOL