Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trip part one - getting to destination #1 and #2

Did I bring too much?

5 kids, a million bags, big box of vases, gatorade, snacks, rock band, Xbox, box of toys, gifts for my parents, a whole set of china for my mom too much to list. Once it was all in the car I looked at Mr. B. who is flying (lucky dog) and said "Hey can you throw the baby's new bike in there too?" He honestly just stood mouth open staring at me because we have been married long enough for him to know that I was not joking....

We didn't bring the bike...

The backseat is My darling niece, and Kid2 (girls in back)
The middle is Kid3 and Kid4 (the babies get the middle)
The front is Kid1 (the ones who can help with the GPS and take care of things sit in front!)

I told my poor Darling Niece yesterday that she has NOT travelled until she has travelled with ALL of us! So she stuffed into the car, never even pottied once or get out till Arkansas- I think she may have been stuck in the backseat poor girl! It's quite a transaction to get in and out surrounded by a bunch of stuff! She will probably say "Over my dead body" the next time we invite her! We hope she won't though, she is perfectly well behaved, sweet, sweet, sweet and we love her like crazy!

So we're off and I just have to say that first leg of the trip was exhausting. The thunderstorms in
Arkansas were unbelievable, I think Alabama is beautiful, I'm in love with Georgia of course (even though I literally saw 30 police officers out yesterday between home and the state line) and I'm enjoying Texas so far too, Texas let me sleep!

More travelling stories later...

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Brandi said...

Wow! You've made it to Texas already?!! I grew up in Texas and that is a loooong drive! Y'all be safe. :-)