Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is the day that my Kid4 will no longer be 4. No more saying “you can have four because you ARE 4”. No more saying my babies four years old. There will be no more preschool, no more wonderful four year old antics in this house- it’s over, we’re done with baby stuff and frankly, I’m sick about it!

I will miss four; I missed three and two also. I miss those big ol’ fat baby cheeks, I even miss diapers!

Dear darling wonderful Kid4,
I have loved your fourth year. I have loved watching you learn to write your name, color in the lines and draw the most beautiful people. I have loved watching you grow so tall and want a short haircut. I have loved just everything about your spunky and often rotten behavior. Age four has been a charm and even though I’ll miss it terribly I am looking forward to fantastic five!
You don’t know yet but you will learn so much this year, you’ll go to school, learn to write, make the friends you have so longed to have. You will continue to amaze your Dad and I at every turn and we feel honored that you are ours to love little baby girl.

Happy birthday little darling! Welcome to age five, I hope it’s a blast for us both!

I love you,


Brandi said...

She is so cute! They just grow up way too fast. Hope she has a super Birthday! :-)

Life In Oh-me-haw said...

Happy Birtday!!!! We miss ya'll and hope she has a great day!!!

wabisabigirl said...

Happy, happy day!!! Sorry I'm a day late:)

Linda said...

STOP THE MADNESS!! MAKE THEM STOP GROWING! Kid3 is no longer a little boy. He looks like a full grown teenager! My Brandon has left 4 behind too. :( You know I feel your pain. Can't wait to wait for you and the kids! Love Ya Mucho!