Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Keoni

I rushed to the hospital, I couldn't wait to see his little tiny face and squeeze his little hands. I was greeted by a little perfect boy with tall fluffy hair and I was in love. I hadn't felt this way since my mother had brought my baby sister home many years before, She had fluffy RED hair and this little beauty has dark black sticking up chick hair, I loved it. Words can hardly describe the feeling of babies and their little innocence, their perfectness, their beauty. He was certainly no exception.

A little later after all the pleasantries I stood in silence at the nursery window staring at him and wondering what he'd grow up to be. I wondered how tall he would be, how his voice would sound and more importantly, what he would call ME. I often wondered about the future, I often dreamed of what time held for people, for me, for little tiny flawless babies… I was young back then, I was a dreamer and in some ways I still am.

As the years crawled by he grew into a gorgeous little island boy, he loved the sun and sand, he loved everything that was outdoors: fishing, swimming, running in the sand. He was really beautiful in every way. He was a kind "well-loved local boy" who others were drawn to. He made you want to laugh and play and be free. He was silly and smart and amazing. When I think back to the day he was born I can remember the energy in his eyes, and as long as he lived, it never changed.

He was my nephew and I was his Auntie, he brought life to me, to my parents and his parents. He brought laughter to friends and strangers. He brought adventure to my children and to everyone he met. My nephew never met a stranger.

I miss him every day, I wonder what he would be like today, in his twenties, as a full grown boy? I wonder how tall he would have been, what would his voice sound like? He was taken from this earth on a hot summer day and I'll never forget the moment I learned he was gone.

Happy Birthday sweet island boy, Auntie loves you.