Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things to do in Roswell

All the way to New Mexico just to see a long horn!

I'm not even thinking about the bird mites she might get in her eye!

Have you ever been to a teeny tiny zoo? I love a tiny zoo, there is something so untouched about it, so secret. I grew up visiting little zoo's and have tried to take my kids to every zoo we have ever been near enough to visit.

The little Roswell Zoo is no exception. It's wonderfuly private, sweetly untouched and not commercialized. It's a nice place to spend an afternoon, evening or just an hour.

Gran, Kid4 and I spent a couple of hours there yesterday. We saw animals including a black bear, a peacock, an eagle and lots of donkeys. For 25 cents we rode a little train and for 50 cents we had an icee! We had a wonderful day, and all for 75 cents each....

You CAN'T beat that!

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Brandi said...

We have a teeny tiny zoo, but their prices aren't that teeny tiny! Have y'all done any alien watching? (he, he).