Tuesday, June 30, 2009

doll shoes and memories

How do you feel about doll shoes? You know- baby doll shoes, those little tiny sometimes black patent shoes the size of a teensie tiny foot? Do you remember when you were little, having little tiny doll shoes? Did you have lots of them or not many at all?

I had more doll clothes than doll shoes. My mom tirelessly sewed my dolls new outfits. I would come home from school to a new coat for my dolls in the winter and a short set for summer. My dolls had towels, purses, their own dolls, panties and yes, even shoes.

I thought about my little doll shoes today when I saw Stella sitting with her legs crossed on my little brown school chair. Stella is Kid4's first doll. She loves Stella! Stella joins us for all of our trips and accompanies Kid4 to bed nightly. She is a faithful little doll, soft, warm and full of love for my kid4. There she sat with black patent leather shoes on today and it made me think back to my choldhood, to my dolls and to their shoes.

I asked my darling girls to gather some of their doll shoes so I could put my hands on those little tiny darlings and remember good carefree times.


Brandi said...

Does Stella have a shoe fetish? She has more shoes than I do!!! :-)

Ashley said...

Looks like she may have a bit of a problem doesn't it... or is it me...?

Neither Stella nor I will admit the truth!

Dot said...

I didn't have doll shoes. I had real baby shoes. My older sister had a baby when I was 8. She gave me my niece's newborn clothing and shoes after she outgrew them. I had quite a collection. My stuffed monkey was the best dressed monkey in town. Sis went on to have 2 more babies before I was out of the doll stage. I had a steady supply of baby clothes from all seasons...both boy and girl. LOL