Sunday, June 21, 2009

The time of their lives

My kids and sweet Chad had the time of their lives Wednesday at my mother in laws. Mr. B.’s Mom is a really fun person and the kids love to be around her and Grandpa Red. He is the most amazing guy I’m telling you- This guy is a first class Grandpa and all around perfect guy. We love Grandpa Red around our house.

Mr. B. took the big kids up north to his Moms Wednesday and Thursday and you just won’t believe what they did there.

They skinned HUGE rattle snakes and made memories like they would have never had a chance to make anywhere else. Grandpa Red and Mama G showed the kids and Mr. B. the time of their lives.

I wished I had gone, but Ki4 just isn’t game for the wilderness, hunting and skinning animals- it hurts her heart so I stayed down at my parents with her and we had a nice time too. We had some quiet time all alone with Gran taking walks, loving on the dogs and being excited to hear all about the time Daddy and the big kids had.

Grandpa Red, Mama G- The kids had the most amazing time thanks to you! Thanks a million and we can’t wait to have our next adventure up there with you!!

We met in Ruidoso and had dinner

Mama G and Kid4 hugging around on each other. Kid4 loves MamaG
the twins.....?

awww... look at these two

skinning snakes and preserving hides

snake guts- why are boys SO GROSS?

city slickers

uhhhh... gah-ross!

rattlesnake -palooza!

Here they are about to get on the road for the big hunting trip


wabisabigirl said...

I'm with Kid4! And I hate snakes, but I wouldn't want to get near enough to one to kill it!!

Life In Oh-me-haw said...

Those are the biggest snakes I have ever seen!!!! UGH