Monday, June 29, 2009

crafts, closets and crap

This weekend I seriously need to clean out my crafts closet. When I first moved to Georgia I was so organized, I had a nice big closet all labeled, each craft in its own bin, all organized and beautiful.

When Kid4 said “Momma I want to paint” I would simply answer “What color beautiful little girl”. When Kid3 said “Oh mother dear I need buttons, tape and lots of glue for a project at school” I would sweetly answer “My darling Kid3 they are right here in the closet all put away in the proper place”. When Kid2 wanted to do a pipe cleaner project with Kid4… well you get the idea right?

So at this point I have craft boxes in my garage closet, the boy’s closet downstairs, some in my own closet and others in the attic… It’s embarrassing and I cannot get anything done, not a craft, not a sewing project, not a single day of painting for Kid4, I can’t find the Styrofoam noodles, I have no idea where the paint is, the colored buttons are hopelessly hidden… I’m a mess.

I have to force myself to clean this mess up and straighten out my unorganized craft less life. I am going to ask the kids to bring the crafts to me from far and wide. I am going to reunite them in the closet and bring them all together again at long last!

Wish me luck… trust me, I’ll need it!


Dot said...

Oh great, now you are making me feel guilty for neglecting my craft supplies. LOL

Brandi said...

I need a closet just designated for craft stuff!!! I have it stuffed here and there.

Good ideas for the car trip! One of my mom friends that I met at the park said something very similar. She suggested that I go to the $ store and make up little goody bags for them and give them a few things from the bag as we travel.

We're still in the "planning" stage - I have 3 weeks to get ready. I want to try to find neat places to stop along the way and stretch our legs. It hurts my brain to think of how much stuff I'm going to have to pack for Baby Bub. :-P

Dot said...

I had to come back and look at your neatly organized craft closet. My craft supplies are mostly in my basement...not even close to being organized. I do have all the containers and shelving I need. I just need the motivation to tackle it.