Thursday, June 11, 2009

Destination #4 and kid math

I made it to Mt. Perfect! The drive was a breeze really... today's drive was anyway... tomorrow- not so much!

After arriving in Mt. Perfect I met up with Sweet Chads mom(remember Sweet Chad? He is Kid1's best friend?) to make sure it was okay for him to hunt in New Mexico. Grandpa Red is taking the kids and Mr. B. coyote hunting and I wanted to be sure that it was okay for him to handle a gun. His mom almost laughed- Mt. Perfect is about as country as it gets so of course she said it was okay... I just wanted to be safe and check. Mr. B. is not much of a hunter but he and the boys are really looking forward to a fun time hunting together. Grandpa Red makes everything more fun! They would do anything if Grandpa Red was involved. My kids were blessed with really great Grandpa's (5 of them)

Anyway... back to the story- I dropped Kid1 off at Chads and talked to his mom, Dropped my darling niece at her friend here in town and headed with Kid2, 3 and 4 to my wonderful friend Linda's house. She was so sweet to give us a place to stay. She cooked us a wonderful pasta dinner and we had such a nice time. After dinner I dropped off Kid3 at a friends and then Kid2 at her best bud's house to stay the night. I ended up picking back up Kid3...

lets do the kid math...

5 kids
+kid3 ( a little later)
2 kids (3 and 4)

tomorrow I am up at 530 and heading out to pick up Kids 1 and 2, my darling niece and Chad. So I'll head to Dallas for Breakfast with Mr. B's Dad and drop off my niece with him.

Lets so tomorrows kid math

2 kids
+Darling niece
+sweet Chad
6 kids

NOW you think I'm crazy don't you?! It's okay, I am a little crazy, but I bet,(if we live to tell about it) the kids wil say they had a great summer!

PS camera battery's dead- pics tomorrow!

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Brandi said...

My head is spinning - too many kids to keep up with! ;-) Sounds like y'all are having fun.