Saturday, May 16, 2009

a cup of M&M's- hold the urine please!

Can I just say again how much I love Mt. Perfect?


I just found this picture from the last time we were there and it made me swoon about this wonderful town all over again.

I’ll tell you the story of why Kid4 is holding a urine cup full of M&M’s as I’m sure you must be curious.

Kid1 got bit by a dog while we were in Mt. Perfect last time. He also got bit by a donkey, there’s a picture for that too-trust me!

So- he got bit by a dog in town and it broke the skin on his hand. I called Mr. B. at home to see when his last tetanus was and confirmed that the dog was updated on its shots. Mr. B. called back to let me know that kid1 had never had a tetanus shot, hard to believe, but there was not one documented. As I ran around Mt. Perfect trying to find a place to get a shot (small town, they were out in two places) I was eventually sent to a Dr. where Kid1’s good friends mom works and of course because we knew her we were welcomed in like old friends. A small town is heaven when you need something like this.

He got his shot (he did not pass out thank goodness)

As we were leaving Kid1’s friend Brad came out with 3 urine cups filled to the top with M&M’s! I laughed so hard, but that’s part of living in a small town, they wouldn’t care that it was a urine cup (new and sterile by the way) they just wanted the kids to leave with something great and what’s better than a urine cup filled with M&M’s…? I’ve never had the privilege of having a urine cup filled with chocolate goodies… have you?

Oh’ the beauty’s and wonders of living in such a small perfect place never cease to amaze me! Life is about making someone smile not being grossed out and worried what someone else might think. The M&M's certainly made my kids smile!

THAT’S IT!!- this Halloween I’m handing out urine cups full of yellow jelly beans… what do you think…. too gross??

Did I say how much I love Mt. Perfect yet?


Dot said...

Oh, that is too funny! I would love to come trick or treating at your house. LOL

Linda said...

Mt. Perfect loves you too! Come back!! We birthdays to celebrate next month. Is Batgirl there full time yet?