Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Orlando on a whim

Here we are in Orlando for a few days having a great time. We are definitely enjoying the sun and beauty of Florida.

Yesterday Kid1 mentioned that my Grandpa was going to be in Orlando having a ship reunion and that started a big snow ball plan!

We hopped in the car this morning minus kid3 (who is still in school) and 5 hours later here we are- Hard Rock café for lunch, universal studios shopping center after lunch and Disney boardwalk for dinner and evening fun.

I love an impromptu trip with the kids. We throw a bag together and hop in the car.

Kid1 was not too big on the picture taking… you know teens! Kid2 bought her own shirt from Hard Rock Café and Kid4 chose to do a picture on the boardwalk.

I hope to love the Disney boardwalk tonight…

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