Friday, May 15, 2009

bored and sleepy but HOME

So this little baby girl got bored stuck stickers all over herself and then fell asleep.

Have you ever been so bored that you stuck stickers all over yourself?

I have a funny story about "stickers".

When kid3 was a little boy we went on a drive in the mountains to meet friends and as people passed me on the interstate they were definitely looking into my car. Some were laughing, some were waving, some were pointing.

I thought it was strange, I also thought that maybe I was being a little too sensitive, maybe it was just me.

When I got to our destination I got out and started to open Kid3's door when I realized what all the hoopla was about!

He had stuck about 5 maxi pads on his window, wings out and all. There was no doubting they were pads! I could have died from embarassment- seriously!

I was thrilled that she went for princess stickers on herself and skipped the window!

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