Thursday, May 7, 2009

a dreamy 4 legged blonde

Aren't these two gorgeous?

This little beauty lives in Oklahoma near my grandparents.

Kid4 is in love with her.

We always stop to love up on her when we're in town.

She wanted to lick the snack off of Kid4's hands...

Kid4 calls her blondie.

Pure beauty.
Did you have a dream pet when you were little? I dreamed of snuggling up to a monkey... yeah Ive always been weird!


Dot said...

You should definitely frame that pic!

Linda said...

Isn't the monkey snuggling what you have Batgirl for??

Ashley said...

Linda, Bat Girl doesn't let me snuggle her very often- LOL So I'm looking for a fill in circus monkey snuggle every now and then!