Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The weekend part 3 (our precious big girl and her new hubby)

Mr. B. and I have a grown up child whom we ADORE. We fell in love with her over ten years ago and we have never looked back. She has been the light of our lives so often. We are more proud of this girl than I can even put into words.

For blogging sake I am going to call her BG, because when I introduce her, I always say “This is my big girl” and she always laughs and says “Are you calling me fat?” It’s a joke between us.

I can honestly remember the minute I laid eyes on her, those big brown eyes, that crooked smile, her floral print dress- I loved her instantly. Somehow we had a connection that has always been unexplainable to me until recently.

God gave her to me and me to her. He provided us with each other to love. My life would be so different without her. I would be so different without her, she completed our family. We needed her.

I have always been so proud of my BG, she is something to behold, trust me! When she graduated from college Mr. B. and I beamed with pride, I thought I couldn’t be more proud until now.

She eloped a few months ago and we were sad. We were sad because of course we wanted to see her get married and we were worried for her, although trusting her judgment, worried that he wouldn’t be good enough for her. Could anyone be good enough for our BG?

Meeting BG’s man was an absolute pleasure. He amazed me at everything he did. He was kind, calm, considerate and polite. He is quite possibly the perfect man. Mr. B. and I looked at each other and beamed with pride at the man she chose. There just aren’t enough words to describe how we instantly loved him, like we had known him always.

Dear Big Girl,
You have amazed me every step of the way, from the minute I met you. I always knew you were strong and independent and everyday you show more and more. You are a woman to admire and I love you with all that I am. There is no way for me to show you or tell you how much I love you. I’m so proud of you and your decisions for your life, I’m so proud of who you chose to spend the rest of your life with. He is amazing; you couldn’t have chosen a more perfect man. I know you will be happy for life.

Dear Big Girls man,
Mr. B. and I were absolutely taken aback by you. You are so impressive, so down to earth and laid back yet driven and a go getter all at the same time. We instantly loved you; you are part of our family forever. We’re so proud of you and your choices and we just know that you and our Big Girl will be happy forever. Thank you for being you and for loving her.
**I blurred the pics because I forgot to ask BG and her sweet man if I could post pics of them. Trust me, they're ADORABLE!

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