Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The weekend part 2 (green eggs and pork)

Mr. B. has been dying for a big green egg. Girls if you don't know what I'm talking, you're not alone... I don't feel like the big green egg is a well known thing. I think men innately know what it is though because my Mr. B. knew and fell in instant love with this big green monstrosity!

It’s heavy, it’s far from beautiful and I wasn’t sure I wanted it on my porch…. UNTIL…. This came out of it ...

(dont you secretly wish that this handsome man holding smoked pork butt on a cute platter would pop out of your grill too?!)

If I could add, you know the heaven music they use on T.V.? I would. It was heaven and we were all happy. I am desperate to try to smoke everything now. (you know what I mean!) We smoked, chicken, breasts, legs and another pork roast in it this weekend. I want to smoke 6 chickens at once, a whole turkey and a brisket to freeze the meat. I think smoked meat in homemade chicken noodle soup would be divine!

The message here is if you haven’t tried big green egg smoked meat- come on over friends, Mr. B. will make you dinner! Just call first- it takes a little while from start to finish.


Life In Oh-me-haw said...

We'll be there this summer! Can't wait for him to cook us a meal!!!

wabisabigirl said...

I'll be there tonight! :)

Ashley said...

Ok Steph, just head south on 75... and you know where to go from there! See you this summer!