Thursday, May 28, 2009

Show us where you live Friday

Thank you again Kelly for hosting the show us where you live Friday. I love looking through the links and being inspired at what others have done. It’s interesting to see into one another’s houses- don’t you think?

I love my girl’s rooms. I love to decorate kid’s rooms. My kids have had pirate rooms, cowboy rooms, princess rooms, blue and white, pink and white, red and black… you name it and I have done it.

This move was different, my kids are teenagers and decorating a teen’s room is a whole different ballgame. I’m sharing my girls room today because truth be told, my boys room is not yet completed…. errrrrr…. started….. errrrrr….. whatever!

Kid2 wanted to decorate her own and is earning her own money now so she bought most of her own stuff. I was nervous with so much black afraid it would look scary or Goth, but it looks classic and charming instead. We painted her furniture black and are thrilled with the results. I whole heartedly believe in painting furniture or anything that stands still. I am all about the painting it if you don’t like it paint it I always say!

This is the view from her door. She was so excited to pick out her own comforter and curtain set. She chose her best and oldest friends for the pictures above her bed. We printed them from our own printer and bought dollar store frames. To the left are her American dolls and more of her favorite pictures. And to the right is a little place to store junk, books, Ipod, etc. All teens needs a junk spot- they are stuffers!

This GIANT thing is a find that she fell in love with at Goodwill. I hated it, it was ugly brown and hideous and horrible. Painted black its a wonderful storage thing. Her TV, backpacks and clothes are hidden inside of it. The little pink converse on top were hers when she was little.

These frames are also from the dollar store. She chose "now and then" pictures of her most loved friends. The painting was painted by one of her sweetest friend when they were in the 4th grade for her birthday.


I wanted Kid4's room to be calm and delicate. I wanted her to feel calm and happy when she is in her room. I love white furniture, light pinks, and sweet things. Her room is still a work in progress, I love the lightness and girliness of it.

Kid4's bed is my old bed when I was a little girl. We have painted it white about 500 times. To the left of her bed is her antique iron bathtub painted robins egg blue. She nestles into it and watches TV... yeah yeah I know.... TV is bad, but quiet is good... and TV+Kid4=quiet for me! I made these animal sillhouettes last night- I love how they turned out- she picked the animals she wanted.

delicate, sweet colors, love this bed set from Target!

Im sparing you the picture of her red TV... it doesn't match. This is the scene under her TV a little basket holding extra dolls and stuffed animals.

This is her dresser and her baby's bunk bed. The top of her dresser has some extra decorating stuff on it, so Im sparing you the messy site.

This is the storage for her toys, puzzles, Mr. Potato heads, doll clothes, and other things that 4 year olds have! The neighbor gave it to us last year and we have certainly made good use of it. To the left is a little tiny chalkboard that she loves to write her name and draw pictures on it... note the monkey in a little swing

The end. Thanks for looking!


Brandi said...

Cute rooms! Ummm, I think it was kid2 . . . did some of the decorating herself? Nicely done!

Becca said...

fun and pretty without being too girly :-) I love it!

Stacy said...

LOVE, LOVE the black hutch!! What a find!! Thanks for sharing...

Myra said...

Adorable rooms!!

wabisabigirl said...

And the pictures don't do it justice...even sweeter in real life:) A couple more projects and I'll post pics of London's room for you!