Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday schmursday

The Disney boardwalk was really a nice place. It was beautiful and had really nice shopping.


We didn’t eat there or buy anything. I thought 10.95 for a princess brush was way too pricey. I thought 15.95 was too much for a burger and fries... what do you think?

To be honest we rushed back to the hotel to watch Lie to Me, American Idol and ordered pizza. It was nice. So us.

I’m so excited about Kris Allen being one of the finalists! He seems so genuine, real and kind- I love it! I was sad to see Danny Gokey go and I really loved all the top 10.

Have a great Thursday, I know we will. We are meeting up with my Gramps, and then heading home sweet home. I love my home, I love heading home. I love saying home.
home, home, home

Happy Thursday friends!

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