Saturday, May 30, 2009

Super Saucy Saturday

My Sweet kid4 and her very neat and clean daddy made a plan for this evening and it went like this-
Get our Saturday stuff done (CHECK)
Smoke meatloaf in the big green egg (CHECK) *more on that later*
Fix mommies broom (CHECK)
Run kids here and there (CHECK)
Go to the grocery store (CHECK)
A few extra errands (CHECK)

Then we can ...

Wash mommy’s truck together

She had a wonderful time. She sprayed her Daddy in the head with the hose, he laughed (thank God for age, he might not have taken it so well when the other kids were little). She scrubbed and washed and sprayed and had the time of her life.

Aren’t Saturdays great?
PS. has anyone seen two Toyota hubcaps? I seem to have lost TWO somewhere between here and Mt. Perfect.... if you see them you know who to call!

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