Sunday, May 17, 2009

3-D friends

these are three of the SEVEN of our kids!

Have you ever seen pictures of people but never seen them, or not seen them in years? Mr. B. was/is in the Navy and when he was gone for long periods of time when he came home he looked so 3-D! It was weird to switch from looking at pictures to the real thing.

I had the same thing happen to me Monday night. One of my best friends from high school was on her way to Orlando and spent Monday night with our family. It was such a pleasure to have them and see her after so many years. For the first few minutes I would catch myself staring at them because they looked so 3-D! I had only ever seen in them pictures and I hadn’t seen Stephanie in 16 years.

It was so thrilling to have her and her family visit! I was so excited! It was just the push I needed to get some things done in the house that needed to be done and I LOVE having visitors!

Stephanie does NOT age! She looked just the same as she did in high school and it was so fantastic to see her and hear her in person! I was so excited to meet her kids because I love her blog and her kids are adorable, I even got to hold her little precious Asher and do a couple of puzzles with Clay. My Kid4 and her little gorgeous London are the same age and are pen pals, its thrilling to get mail as a little kid; they enjoy drawing pictures and sending mail back and forth. My Kid4 is not an early bird and wasn’t so nice to poor sweet London. Hopefully London will forget how rude she was!

It was amazing to meet her family and in-laws, what a nice family. We had a wonderful time and hope to see you all again really soon. Remember you’re always welcome at this house!

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