Monday, May 25, 2009

weekend part 1 (dance recital)

My Gorgeous girl (Kid2) had her dance recital this weekend and she was beautiful. Unfortunately my camera decided not to work so I didn’t get a single picture of the performance

*boo hoo*

I did however take this picture of her face for BatGirl so she wouldn’t miss too much!

I was so proud of this sweet girl because she works at the dance company and earns her very own money. She spent her own money to buy each and every dancer a little gift and I’ll describe what she ended up with. (Do you think I have pictures- not one)

She ordered little tiny coloring books from oriental trading company, costume rings and earrings and put then in a small brown bag and cheetah print ribbon tied them all closed. It was so cute, so thoughtful and she was very frugal about it. She had 36 little girls to buy for and she spent less than 30 dollars all together. For her friends she bought pink tulle and tied a big beautiful ribbon around a Hershey’s candy bar. It was a big hit with teenage girls let me assure you. She did a great job and the whole family helped. It was fun.

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