Wednesday, May 6, 2009

plan schman...

I have a good solid plan.

I’m tired from travelling and I don’t feel well- I don’t want to cook a huge meal so

I formed a good solid plan. Moms are good at planning.

Tuesday night plan- spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and fresh salad- easy
American Idol Dessert- hot brownies with one scoop of ice cream - easy

Wednesday night plan- leftover meatballs for sub sandwiches with chips and fresh salad- easy
American Idol Dessert- leftover brownies with one scoop of left over ice cream and freshly picked strawberries on top.

Done. Great plan!


My teenage son, you know him- THAT Kid1?
He ATE the entire pan of left over brownies… ALL of them. ALL…. ALLLLL!!!!

So we are having dinner and NO dessert…. (thank you Kid1)

Why do teenagers eat so much? Why do teenagers say “I didn’t know you had a plan for them” when you say “WHY OH' WHY would you think it was okay to eat a half a pan of brownies?”

WHY in the world would he think if I had no plan for them that I would want HIM to eat them?

Oh dear- I need teenage boy help, a chef, and apparently a lock on the kitchen!

And PS if I came to your house and you had an entire half of a cake leftover sitting on your counter would you be okay if I ate it because you didn’t have a plan for it?

I bet you would say don’t touch it!

So much for a very good solid plan


My Story said...

Ok - 2 points here! I have less family members than you and a pan of Brownies NEVER makes it more than a day here!!! What are you doing rationing their dessert? (Kid1-you can come stay with me awhile and we'll make 2 pans!!!) HEHEHEHE Second thing- if you come to my house and there is half a cake on my counter PLEASE eat it! Lord knows, we don't need it!!! :) You'll be doing us a favor!!! Luv ya!!!!

Life In Oh-me-haw said...

I dont know why that posted under my story- I started another side blog which isn't quite ready yet but I have MESSED up all my settings in the process so that comment above IS from me!!! :)

Life In Oh-me-haw said...
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Ashley said...

Christy, OKAY next time I come out there better be half a cake out!! And Kid1 would love to spend the summer with you! He can work on the yard, watch the kids, and do odd jobs! He's a handy but hungry guy- make him lots of browines- Ha Ha!

I have another blog too for weight loss, but it's private because it's not quite right yet. Do we need blogging intervention? And are we going on the Mc-cruise?

Dot said...

Oh my, I can soooo relate to the teenaged eating machines...we have 2 of them! LOL Our oldest is coming home from college this extra person and our food bill will double! It is so bad that I actually had a talk with him on the phone today in preparation for his homecoming. LOL

Tickled Pink Talk said...

Oh, I am dreading the teenage boy years....and they are coming faster than we know!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Isn't it SO fun peeking in on all the houses?? I LOVE it! :)