Saturday, August 1, 2009

first date, a view, a kiss and forever...

This is our first date picture (taken by Melissa right before we ditched her)
I love Mrs. Yellow Hat’s linky parties! Does that mean I love to talk about myself…? I wouldn’t have a blog if I didn’t friends!!

To read how I MET the love of my life, father of my children and man I’m spending my life with, go here.

I'm joining the first date stories late (dont even ask about my week- BAD). Mr. B. and I met in Hawaii where I grew up so our “dating” stories have great memories for us and to think back on them takes me home to Oahu where my heart is and always will be.

As you already know, we met at church (*insert hallelujah music here*) but sadly we were not allowed to date because Mr. B. was much older than me AND in the Navy (we’re a Marine family and there just IS a difference) **OOOOOH RAH**.

Mr. B. even asked my Dad if we could date and my dad did this to poor Mr. B.-
Mr. B.- I really like your daughter and I would like to be able to take her out on a date
Dad- (looks to the ceiling and chuckles) ummmm…. Let me think about it (insert 1 second here) NOPE!
Mr. B.- oh…. Uhhh…… okay…..
Dad- okee dokee then son, see ya around.
Me- WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (I was really persistent, ask my best friend Melissa!)

SO I talked Melissa and another friend Bob into planning a “youth” trip to Diamond Head for a hike but strangely no youth could go (isn’t that weird *did I forget to invite them*??). Bob, Melissa, Mr. B. and I all met there and can I just say poor Melissa and Bob because I ditched them. Mr. B. and I literally ran (Melissa has asthma and Bob was too much of a gentleman to let her stay behind). We ran so we could spend the day alone hiking and I was hoping he would hold my hand… he did. We hiked and laughed and flirted


He kissed me. I can remember the exact place that he kissed me and later on after we had babies we took them there too.

That’s the story of our first date, a hike, a kiss and forever what could be better than that my friends?

**Melissa might say that not ditching her would have been better. She was my best bud and soul mate back then. I didn't treat her right but I loved her dearly. She is a very important part of our complicated love story. Mr. B. and I think and laugh about her and our memories together often. I'll LOVE YOU forever Melissa**


Tara G. said...

Ashley, not too late at all! That is too funny about Marine Daddy v.s. Navy Guy! Loved it all and Melissa sounds like a one-in-a-million friend!! We spent our first anniversary on Oahu and Kauai- so beautiful and perfect weather!

Brandi said...

I LOVE the stories about you and Mr. B! (and I adore that picture of y'all. . . you can just tell in that pic that y'all are going to be together forever).