Saturday, August 8, 2009

We're goin' to the chapel and were.... la la la la

Today is wedding day for our Big Girl.

I will be sure and post pictures of the wedding soon. (picture orange)
**Wouldn’t Mckmama be thrilled?**

Mr. B. is performing the wedding ceremony and he’s more than proud!
(He even got ordained)

Kid2 is a maid of honor. She is a vision in orange I tell you.

My boys are wearing cacky pants and blue and white button down shirts, and they are as cute as buttons all dressed up in belts and brown shoes.

My girls will be all dolled up in dresses and hair bows.

Bat Girl and I are going to be adorning actual skirts…. Yes, yes, I know- it’s shocking!

A summer wedding in the Rockies…. Ahhhhh…. Heavenly I tell ya!

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Brandi said...

Sounds fabulous! Anxiously waiting for pictures! :)