Thursday, August 19, 2010

time, choices and clarity

Yesterday Mr. B. was faced with something he hasn’t been faced with before. He was highly judged for “sending his son away”. I’ll be honest, this person is a great father and seriously can’t fathom being away from his children and although I applaud him for that, I would also rather not be judged.

Here is my question; the question that Bat Girl and I discussed yesterday and I have put much thought into it.

If you KNEW what your future held would you prepare for it? If you knew you would go blind would you learn brail? If you knew you would go deaf would you learn sign language? If you knew you would die tomorrow would you mend your broken relationships? You can answer anyway you want but the answer is NO. You wouldn’t and I’ll tell you why. Every day we live with uncertainty, every day is just a gift given to us and really no one lives it to the fullest. You MIGHT go deaf tomorrow, how can we really know? I know you think you’d do everything in your power to prepare, but you wouldn’t. There’s simply no way that everyone can be prepared even if given the knowledge ahead of time.

Are we doing the “right” thing for Kid3? Who can know? How could I possibly know for sure? I don’t know the future and I don’t want to know it. The decision we made to send our baby, kid3 to boarding school was heart wrenching, but also the choice that we think is best for his future… I guess time will tell.

As the hands of time turn, our choices become clear.

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