Monday, August 2, 2010

goodbye summer.... lets do this again, real soon!

remember making these when you were a little kid?

I have been looking through my pictures a lot lately wondering where the summer went, it's almost gone and it seems like I just picked them up on their last day of school. This summer flew by and we did so many amazing things. I have always loved summer with my kids and this summer was no exception!

We had a few bumps and bruises along the way this summer with scheduling conflicts and me running kids here and there but all in all this was a very productive summer.

Although it's HOT HOT HOT here I am not looking forward to the summer coming to an end for many reasons. The end of summer here means Kid3 will be gone, our long summer late nights will be over and we'll be up to greet the sun starting on August 9th.

Goodbye sweet summer, we'll miss your long sunny hot days, but we'll look forward to meeting you again next year. Same time, same place!

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