Friday, August 20, 2010


Let me ask you a question. Are you a gambler? I’m not; I simply do not like to gamble, I’m boring that way. But let’s say you are a gambler…

Your casino of choice is the best for you. You found it years ago, you like the food, you can stay there too, you’ve gotten to know the staff, you have a favorite slot machine with a comfy chair and you even win every now and again. Your favorite casino is comfortable to you; it’s a place you go to leave home and feel relaxed, you meet your friends there year after year. You have been going to your favorite casino for a long time now.


There is a new casino across the street and you have watched, as people are going home, always winning. You decide to look into the new casino convincing yourself that there IS NO WAY you will switch from your comfy home away from home. When you do a little digging you discover that the new casino guarantees that you will win 85% of the time and your shocked. Your homey little sweet casino that you have enjoyed for years and years has only given you wins a few times… and you mostly go for the comfort factor, but it sure would be nice to take home money.


Switch casinos? Would you? Could you? Would you want to make that trek across the street to the new casino? Would you want to give up your room, the one that you ALWAYS stay in? Would you want to stop eating the same buffet that you always eat? (because lets face it, casino’s have buffets) What if your friends don’t switch? What if they don’t believe the statistics? Will you even like it there? What if they only serve sushi and have rude staff? What if you can’t find a good parking spot?


What if you did take the plunge? Would you be happy with change? Do you only stay at your old casino because the feeling of sameness is a comforting one? Do you care if you win or not?

That’s the question… that’s it…. Would you go somewhere else if you were guaranteed a win? Would you give up what was comforting to you just for success? Is it worth it?


That everyone would do the same thing. If we all made the same choices, the world would be a boring place.

Should we push our children to make better choices than we made? Should we push them out of their comfort zone so they can be better?

Being a parent sure is a gamble isn’t it?

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