Monday, August 30, 2010

here's an example...

Do you learn from others?

Do you encourage your kids to learn from others?

I often want to literally chain my kids to someone I see as a good example. Good examples are so few and far between now days that when I meet one who is my kids age I literally want to keep them. Some kids are perceived as “bad examples” when that’s not true at all, often teenagers are highly misunderstood. Often teens have to fall and learn on their own- that’s SO hard to witness. Why can’t they just look toward the good examples you have so STRONGLY pointed out to them… KIDS!

My darling Kid3, who is at NMMI for high school, is surrounded by the most amazing examples. Successful men and women who truly care about him encompass him. He is encircled with the most amazing examples of humans, and he doesn’t even realize it! I really want to go to him and tack his eyes open with thumbtacks and show him the astounding individuals around him. WHY oh why can’t we see what is right in front of us. Why can’t we take the gifts that are staring us in the face? I don’t think it’s just kids either.

Are you taking advantage of the gifts that are staring YOU in the face? Are you making notes from the extraordinary individuals that are with you daily?

DO IT for goodness sakes!

(Trust me, I struggle to take my own advice, I KNOW it's easier said than done!)

((if my son turns out half as amazing as Chad, he might just rule the world. Chad is the best example of a young man there is, and Im proud to know him))

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