Saturday, August 7, 2010

my eleventh grade girl...

My girl is about to start 11th grade.
(against my advice, I want her to stay little tiny)
I remember exactly what she was wearing her very first day of preschool.
(I cried, she was running to get away from me)
I can just see her skipping off to Kindergarten.
(she was WAY more independent that I would have liked)
I can still picture her in her little pink tutu on her first day of ballet.
(again, I cried, she ran)
How did she grow so quickly?
Why have the years flown by?
There's no possible way that I have cherished every moment like I should have.
(she did the cutest things when she was little)
Theres no way that I didn't miss a thing.
Im going to try and keep my eyes peeled these last two years that I have her
and hopefully.....
(but doubtfully)
I won't miss anything else!
I love you sweet girl.
(to the moon and back)
You're the best!
(and I mean it)

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