Monday, August 23, 2010

I just may very well screw this whole thing up!

A morning conversation with Kid4

Kid4- do you know we have a bird’s nest near parent pick up?

Me- Noooooo! How exciting!

Kid4- Yes AND I saw it AND it’s behind metal so I can’t touch it AND it’s soo pretty!

Me- WOW-ZA-ROO, that sounds great!

Kid4- but I think the (follow me here) BIRDSCREW up.

Me- OH! Kid4, I don’t think we should say THAT!

Kid4- REALLY? THAT’S a bad word?

Me- well not necessarily, but it’s not something that you should say in first grade and please don’t say it…. Ok?

Kid4- are you sure THAT’S a bad word?

Me- Honey, I didn’t say it was “bad”, I just said it’s not appropriate for a 6 year old to say.

Kid4- Mom, WHAT word are YOU talking about?

Me- the word “SCREWED”

Kid4- Mommy, I said, “grew up”……….. What does “screwed” mean and why can’t I say it?

Me- um…….. OK darling, have a good day at school

And I pushed her out the door…..

Wow…. Really? Do I need hearing aids?

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Brandi said...

LOL! You know my mom's an art teacher... she doesn't allow her kids to say 'I screwed up.' haha!!