Tuesday, August 3, 2010

my literal and apparently challenged brain!

I had a funny.... errrr... strange.... possibly even stupid thing (on my part) happen to me at school this week. There is a bit of a ... ummm... let's call it a language barrier between me and most humans.... Im not the sharpest listener, but I really try.

First let me just say that I DID NOT grow up in the south so a thick Georgia accent is a little lets call it... tricky... for me.

Tuesday night at school my teacher was lecturing and writing important notes that we should copy on the board. While writing she said "Mark an os-ter-ich next to these important points, they WILL be on the test".

You can imagine my confusion... I stopped, which also stopped my thinking because I can't draw an os-ter-ich next to anything and listen at the same time, Im lucky to be able to breath and listen at the same time. This is how my thought process went;

an "os-ter-ich"?
is an ostrich like a mascot for old people (Im taking gerontology) and I didn't know about it?
will she grade me on the picture?
WHY wouldn't it be a dove?
a dove would be so much easier to draw....

So there I sat, sketching out the long legs of an ostrich adding a tall feathery body and what ostrich would be complete without a looooong neck... at this point I'm feeling a little stressed because there is no way I can possibly DRAW an ostrich AND take all these notes... So I look up at the board and guess what my teacher is marking next to her very important points? Let's just say that her "os-ter-ich" looked a little different than mine. Her's was a lot more like this-

* Insert important point here

Um. Yeah. Duh.

apparently it's a good thing I'm going to college!

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Kendall said...

Hahahaha! That's hilarious! I love it! Hopefully you were able to get that important point down after drawing the "old people symbol"! Ha!