Wednesday, August 18, 2010

define your future

Do you believe your past defines you? I do, but I think it’s simpler than that. I think that people get to serious about the word define. The past affects you and here’s the bottom line in my eyes. Of course your past defines who you have become. You ask ANY abused child if being beaten didn’t define who they are. Go ahead and ask a child who grew up spoiled rotten, not wanting for a thing if having money helped to define them. The answer is simple; your past defines you.

Here’s the key; it’s what you do with it. The abused child can grow to be an abuser, or step up and be the parent they dreamed of having themselves. The rich kid can go on to always want more and more or realize life’s not about money and what you have, it’s about living life right, and loving others.

Do you ever look back and wish something were different? I do, I look back sometimes and when I’m kicking myself I try to remember that although my past defines me, looking forward, it’s what I do tomorrow that really matters.

Look forward, do something outstanding, be amazing, go on and define the rest of your lives because soon this day too will be your defining past.

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