Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy birthday baby boy, I miss you.

My Dear dear Kid3, my baby,

Happy Birthday to you. I can’t believe you’re 14. Last night, I looked at pictures of you just one year ago and it is completely unfathomable that you have grown so much. I showed your big sister and we laughed at your little boy face just one year ago and talked about how your body must have hurt this year from growing so much. I seriously think you grew a whole foot! Remember last year when I made you brownie hamburgers and sugar cookie fries?

Gosh I miss you. I’m counting down the days till I get to put my arms around you, until I get to see that gorgeous smile of yours and hear your laugh. I can’t wait to see you hug your sisters and see how you’ve grown.

Son, 14 years ago today, you were born and I distinctly remember every amazing detail. You were truly the sweetest baby I had ever met. From the minute you were born, you were patient and peaceful. You somehow knew that you were kid3 and made life so easy on us all.

I can’t think of one single word to describe to you just how much I love you or just how much I miss you. I have never missed anyone this much my boy. Some days I just want to hop in the car and run to you, some days I just want to call the school and tell them to send you here to me, to your momma. But…. Most days, I know this is best, I know this sacrifice is worth it. You’re worth every bit of it all. I hope you love it, I can’t wait to hear all about…. 10 more days. TEN MORE DAYS…. And I’ll wrap my arms around you.

Until then my sweet sweet 3rd child, I love you immensely, I love you more than you’ll probably ever know, I love you to the moon and back a million jillion times.

Happy 14th Birthday sweet boy.

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