Monday, August 9, 2010

I wouldn't read this post, it's boring and Im tired and grouchy...

We had a trip- LET ME TELL YOU- it was a long drive. I know your probably laughing because you think I’m a drive-aholic and I am, but New Mexico twice this summer was a bit much for even me!

As you probably know, we took my sweet Kid3 to military school in New Mexico and as you probably can imagine I MISS HIM like crazy cakes! When I introduce him I always say: “this is Kid3, he’s MY baby”, and he truly is. He is my baby, but he is not really a momma’s boy, he’s just his own guy, he always has been. He’s cuddly, always wants people to laugh and an all around good kid.

I won’t lie, he is having a bit of a hard time adjusting to no XBOX, no TV, no SUGAR… and a routine bedtime, but I bet that when we go back after the initial 21 days to hug his neck he will be fine. Changes are always hard and this is a biggee! I truly know this is the right thing for my little baby boy.

(Don’t fret though, after the first 21 days they get to play XBOX, watch TV and eat sugar… they have big screen TV rooms with XBOX, they are allowed to leave campus with a buddy and go to the movies or to the mall, he’ll get to do regular things too) It’s truly a great place for kids and my dad would probably tell you that it’s great for adults too! He loves his job!

Anyway…. I’m tired and grouchy today. I need to sleep for about a week until I finally feel rested! And the first day of school is today… I usually dread the first day of school. Kid4 is excited, Kid1 is DREADING it and Kid2 is as always looking forward to school, she’s a school-aholic. Remind me to tell you a funny summer school story about Kid2 one of these days.

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