Saturday, August 14, 2010

are we there YET?

These outstanding offspring travelled nearly all the way across the country and back like champs! "Are we there yet" are words I hear quite often and I don't mind answering that question at all. No matter where we are in the drive, even if we have just left, I say "Yes, ALMOST"(then I make them play a car game)! I love to drive, I think there is nothing like it and many don't agree...

Heres the bottom line about driving, and trust me, Mr. B. and I have discussed this at length (he'd rather be a flyer)

bottom line= I wouldn't trade ONE SINGLE MINUTE (and I have experienced LOTS) spent in the car with my kids for anything in the whole world. The times we have had listening to books on tape, their childish chatter, giggling as they tell each other jokes, playing the ministers cat and other car games are irreplaceable memories to me. The sunsets and sunrises I have witnessed with my kids all nestled into the backseat together are memories I'll never forget. I remember exactally what their little slumbering faces looked like the morning we watched the sun rise over the Grand Canyon. I remember their giant eyes as we pulled up to window rock in New Mexico. I cherish every single minute I had threading needles for them so they could sew little aprons and pillows to pass the time. These rare moments (or not so rare if you travel like I do) are moments that can't be achieved any other way than being stuffed into a car like sardines moving down the highways towards our next adventure.

I love my traveling companions and truth be told I am sad that they are grown up, plugged in and stay home alone now. There is something to be said for nothing to do in the car but entertaining each other! Next chance you get try a good dose of "are we there yet" to reconnect with your kids. You won't regret it!

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