Thursday, August 12, 2010

holy MOLEY

Getting Kid3’s head shaved was full of mixed emotions for me. I was excited for him because this meant a rite of passage into NMMI, it was something every male cadet had done before him and a tradition they would surely continue. His long hair thrilled the barber, she was eager to get a hold of his long golden locks. She said, “I heard about you, I have been looking forward to THIS all day”. I felt like she was a little too enthusiastic, but she peeled his dome with outstanding respect! She took her time whittling away at his noggin, allowing his father and I to entertain each falling lock. With every pass of the shiny clippers my heart sank because this impending hair-do meant my baby was growing up and leaving home. I’d like to say “the end” right about now, I’d like to say that we all three shed a tear about the missing mane but the truth is; When the pea was pod-less I was horrified at Kid3’s head. I really wanted this moment to be only nostalgic, full of letting go and to be honest I couldn’t look away from the mole covered skull that belonged to my baby boy. Do you think we cried? No! We laughed and pointed instead. I know, I know! This is not one of my finer parenting moments, but it’s the truth and I’m all about validity folks!

My dear poor unsightly son, I sincerely hope your unattractive cranium sprouts something soon…. Or someone rushes you to a dermatologist for a mass molectomy. If not, for goodness sakes, go with a large hat!

P.S. dear readers, I am not giving you a close up for a REASON... (ewwwww!)

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