Saturday, July 11, 2009

show us where you live

This Friday Show us where you live is Entry ways at Kelly's Korner. Thanks again Kelly!


please pretend that I have re-potted this plant and there IS NOT a plant hanger still on it from the store... please, please, please!

This cute white dresser was my Great Grandma's. Both my girls have used it in their rooms.

that door is the guest bathroom. Kid4 write's little notes on that chalkboard, and when we have guests we write "Welcome _____" it's exciting to Kid4 to write someones name on the chalkboard.
Thanks for stopping. I hope you have an excellent week! My fun friend Linda's coming and we have the best week planned!


Brandi said...

That little dresser is so cute! I like the chalkboard too! :)

morethanthestarsinthesky said...

I like your about me comments. So honest and refreshing. Love the dresser.