Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jacksonville Beach

looking for shells

finding shells

she listened to every single shell to hear the ocean.

While Mr. B. and I were in Jacksonville, Kid4 talked us into taking her to the beach. She just could not see going to Florida without a beach visit. We took her Saturday night and as Mr. B. tried to enjoy the salty air and sand between his toes his neck was killing him. He and Kid4 walked to the water line, collected shells and enjoyed a short time on the beach.

A thunder storm came shortly and ran us off but we got a whole bag of shells and she was worn out!

I love the beach, any beach and apparently Kid4 does too!


Dot said...

Of course you had to go to the beach! I'm glad you had all a good time despite Mr. B's pain. What will Kid4 do with the shells? I'm sure you'll think of a pretty, creative way to display them.

Brandi said...

Fun! Kid 4 is so darn cute. I've only been to Jax Beach once, but I think we're going in Oct. :)