Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today (Friday), my friends, was a hard day.

Mr. B has been in excruciating pain lately. It started as a crick in his neck and has left him in misery. After several Dr.’s visits, 2 MRI’s and a long day we have an answer.

We spent most of the day praying it wasn’t a tumor on his neck. The Dr. took one look at his MRI and feared the worst. He sent us to have an emergency MRI that confirmed no tumor and pointed to spinal damage from a herniated disc.

Monday, late morning Mr. B. will be having surgery to remove the herniated disc and fuse C-5 and C-6 together (that’s a little spinal talk for ya)

I landed here in Jacksonville with Mr. B. for his reserve weekend because he can’t drive himself on all the pain meds. Kid4 and I packed our bags and here we are in Florida having a very humid time in a freezing room. (We left the teenage chatterer’s at home with Bat Girl, not that Kid4 is quiet but it’s nice to have just one little one sometimes)

**I try to not be a complainer but I gotta tell you, this room is Cah-REEPY… it’s in an old Navy building and it’s well…. Creepy! I will take pictures tomorrow. I’m trying to look at the whole building like a quaint cute little bed and breakfast with funny quirks, bad decor and mystery doors, you know…. Don’t all quaint quirky bed and breakfasts have mystery doors? …. How about you just don’t tell me either way!**

While Mr. B. sleeps I sit here wondering if he will be okay. I know time is in the hands of God and I’m okay with that. I am not done spending time and making memories with my Mr. B. yet but it’s all in Gods hands and I trust him. We’d love a little prayer if you don’t mind though.

Thanks friends!


Brandi said...

So sorry to hear that. I will be praying for him (and for you ~ hang in there) :) P.S. I love the xray with 'Mr. B's big brain.'

Life In Oh-me-haw said...

We will be praying for you!!! I know things will be fine and work out for the best!!!Give Bella-Bo a hug for me!!

Brandi said...

We got married in Belton, TX. . . little hick town not too far from Ft. Hood. . . also in '91! Thank you, Ashley. I will be thinking of you (and Mr. B) next week ~ keep your chin up. :)