Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Houston.... we have a problem!

As you know Mr. B. was down the last few weeks with terrible shoulder pain that turned out to be neck pain… as you also know Kid4 and I took him to Jacksonville last weekend so he could do his Navy drill as he could not drive himself being in so much pain and on pain medicine.

I think I have told you before that Mr. B. and a clean car window are like peanut butter and jelly, shoes and socks, ball and bat. We NEVER have a dirty car window. If there is something on the windshield Kid4 will say "WOW, we better get gas so Daddy can clean THAT window"! He cleans the windshield every time he gets gas- no exception!

UNTIL… he hurt his neck. So needless to say over the last few weeks while he was in pain our window got more and more dirty and he got more and more sad about it.

I am not a window cleaner, I would rather lean around the bugs, bird poop and road grime than clean the windows. I am a simple girl when I get gas, I just get gas… no extras. I am afforded the luxury of not cleaning that window because my sweet Mr. B. is so neat and clean, he keeps the windows nice and I don’t have too. (I realized HE kept it so nice when he was gone for a long time once- the window DID NOT clean itself and I had to give in and do it myself)

This weekend we went to dinner at this great little sea food place and while we were in the restaurant this happened

I was in total disbelief! How big was this particular bird? Was it a herd of birds? Is there such thing as a "herd of birds"? I mean WHAT THE HECK!?

When I got in the car my mouth literally hung open with shock. I looked over at Mr. B. who was looking at me with great fear. He was afraid I would lean around this mess the whole drive home. Poor guy he just knew he would have a complete break down if his eyes wandered to the purple disaster and I leaned the whole 5 hours home.

As we left the restaurant I found a hose on base and cleaned the window (I know, I know shocking isn't it?!) I knew he couldn't take the stress of this NOT SMALL problem and I was afraid I would end up blind driving home while squinting.

So YES, I cleaned it! And NO, I never found out who or what in the world made this purple mess... Barney?


Brandi said...

Oh goodness that's funny. Bless his heart, I can just imagine him being bothered by that all the way home! ;)

Jessica said...

If you work full time and have a family it’s hard enough keeping the inside of your home clean let alone the outside of your home. The last thing you want to worry about is washing windows so that the inside and the outside of your home sparkle.